February 2022

Take Steps to Be Plastic Free. 

Tips to meet the challenge:
1) Join Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub team:
  • Members and non-members join the EcoClub Team on the Hennepin County Plastic Free Challenge.  
  • Create your account. All you need is an email address.  Use the link above and click on Join this Team and you'll be automatically added to the EcoClub team.  If you already have an account with the Hennepin County Plastic Free Challenge, you can join our team from your dashboard.    
2) Commit to several actions to complete between Feb 1 and Feb 28th:
  • Review all the options.  There are over 60 actions within seven categories.  The categories are At Home, Food, On the Go, Personal Care, Community, Kids, and Pets. There are one time actions (like replacing dryer sheets with reusable alternatives or going without) and there are daily actions (like choosing unpackaged produce and not using the plastic bags available at the grocery store).  
  • Select up to 5 daily actions and 5 one time actions:  One time actions are changes that you commit to make for the long term.  Daily actions are choices you make more often to try to build habits.  You don't have to pick 10 actions.  In fact it might be better to start small and just pick a couple of actions and then add more when you are ready.  
  • Report which actions you complete throughout the month of February:  Come back to the site often for motivation and to report your completed challenges.  For one time challenges, market them complete as you do them.  For daily challenges, mark them each time you complete them during the month.   
3) Cheer our team on:
  • Click on "feed" and you'll find a place where you can post messages to everyone taking the challenge or make your message visible only to the EcoClub team  
  • Share tips and encouragement or even roadblocks:  We can all learn from each other.  Seeing tips from others who have chosen the same action as you can give you motivation or a new tactic.  Posts about challenges that you haven't committed could spur you to add them to your dashboard or give you ammunition to extend past February and take action all year long.   
This challenge originated from EcoClub Member Kim Herzog.  "It is a great way to jump start my new year.  Like many of us, I've been recycling diligently for years.  I have learned much of the plastic does not actually get recycled, much of it still ends up in landfills or the ocean ,dumped in other countries, and there is a carbon footprint to the process as well.   I decided to change my focus and go plastic free, eventually getting to a zero waste household.   This challenge makes it easy and fun." 
By taking part in the Plastic Free Challenge on Team EcoClub in February 2022 you will be able to focus on the areas that matter to you most because there are 7 categories to choose from. You will get great ideas by browsing the categories and seeing the tips posted by others.  You'll earn our team points and we can all have fun with some friendly competition.     
Share your progress - the hurdles and the success - with Rotary EcoClub and your family and friends!