Posted on Apr 19, 2022

EcoEducation: Our Plate and the Planet

Our presenter Ambaree Majumder, a Rotarian from Singapore, gave us a trove of scientific facts and statistics about how much a plant rich diet can do to positively impact the environment.  A plant-based diet compared to a meat-based diet contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, reduction in eutrophication, reduction in acidification, reduction in water use, reduction in biodiversity loss, rain forest destruction and soil degradation.  

Ambaree emphasize that the lower you eat in the food chain, the less resource intensive is your consumption.  

She also emphasized that it is not an all or nothing proposition.  She suggests: 

  • Eat a plant rich meal whenever possible
  • Go meatless 1 day per week 
  • Make 1 meal per day 100% plant based
  • Swap out cows milk for non-dairy milk
  • Every single meal matters -- so if you can't make it 100% plant based, make it plant rich
And one potential is to complete the ESRAG 15 day plant rich diet challenge  which may be going live again soon.