Posted on Jun 01, 2021

EcoEducation:  Operation Pollination

85% of the plants rely on pollinators for reproductive success.  There has been a 70% decline of pollinators since 1970s. 
Operation Pollination began several years ago in the St Croix River Valley as a way to engage in restoration of habitat for pollinators and to educate people about pollinators.  They engaged National Heritage areas and saw that there is a great overlap of National Heritage areas and Rotary Districts.  ESRAG adopted the project in 2020.  
Operation Pollination is a framework.  It includes a resolution and a pledge.  It is not a framework - it does not tell an organization what to do - but participating organizations provide lots of examples and good ideas on how to take action to protect pollinators.
As an aside - do you know what a National Heritage Area is?  --  there are 55 across the US and they are part of the national park family, but the federal government does not own the land.  Learn more about them here. 
And what is one thing that you can do yourself -- consider planting native plants and use this plant finder to help