Posted on Aug 03, 2021

EcoEducation: Will You Help #BringBirdsBack?

Nearly 3 Billion birds (yes Billion with a capital B) are gone since 1970.  Boreal forests have lost 500 birds.  Grasslands have lost 729 million birds.  Areal insectivors like Purple Martins have lost 160 million birds.
Protecting birds can do so much that you might not think of:  Protecting bird habitat will also help protect our waterways.  Protecting bird habitat protects the nature that we also enjoy - helping to keep us mentally and physically well.  Insect eating birds help protect crops like wine and coffee.  
Why are we losing the birds? - habitat loss, outdoor cats (whoa - 2.4 Billion birds are lost per year from cats), window crashes, pesticides, rodent poisons, collisions.
A few groups of birds have actually rebounded since the 1970s.  Waterfowl has gained by 35 Million since 1970.  Hawks and Eagles have increased by 15 Million.  These gains have been due to specific actions of conservation groups, hunters, and, in some cases acts of Congress (the Endangered Species Act and banning of DDT).  Action can help other species rebound as well. 
What can you do to help birds?  Feeding them in winter can help (making sure that the stations are not near windows).  Keeping your cats indoors.  Driving less can help by reducing collisions and reducing emissions.  You can create habitat in your yard with native plants.  Drink bird friendly coffee.  How about participate in eBird and track the birds you see.  Place decals on your windows to help reduce those collisions.  Don't use pesticides.