Posted on Jun 14, 2019

EcoStewardship: Sumac removal at the Ottawa Bluffs Oak Savanna. 

The Oak Savanna (grasslands punctuated by large solitary oak trees - Burr Oaks in Minnesota) is a disappearing ecosystem that several organizations are seeking to protect.  Learn more about Oak Savannas.  




The Nature Conservancy is one such organization.  On June 15, 2019, three members of the Twin Cities Rotary Eco Club joined up with The Nature Conservancy to take part in a workday at Ottawa Bluffs, an oak savanna near St. Peter Minnesota.  Learn more about the Nature Conservancy's efforts at Ottawa Bluffs. 

The task of the day was to clear out groves of sumac that, if left unchecked, would shade out the grasses and other prairie plants that are critical parts of the savanna ecosystem.  Using loppers, the team cleared out an acre of sumac and left it to dry in preparation for final removal later in the year.  
Tami H., Stuart D., and Lexa H. socialized, learned more about our local ecology and provided service towards sustaining our natural world. 
Caption:  Sumac wreckage in Tami's wake.