Posted on Dec 21, 2021

EcoStewardship: Rotary Grants

In our last meeting of the calendar year 2021, we enjoyed a fantastic EcoTrivia game and brainstormed ideas on where we might want to focus as a club in our next grant project.  Before the brainstorming, however, we had an excellent presentation from Don Stiles on how the grant process works within Rotary.  
Grants are one of the ways that the Rotary infrastructure helps increase the reach and impact of clubs and individuals.  Eligible projects not only receive grant dollars, but contributions by the club itself to the project have the opportunity to be matched by the district.  Read a little more about grants here.  
What is so special and exciting is that Supporting the Environment is an area of focus for Rotary and thus projects addressing this area of focus are eligible for grants.  This is new as of July 2021. 
The areas of focus: 
1. Peace and Conflict Prevention / Resolution
2. Disease Prevention and Treatment 
3. Water and Sanitation
4. Maternal and Child Health 
5. Basic Education and Literacy
6. Economic and Community Development
7. Supporting the Environment