Posted on Mar 17, 2020

EcoFellowship: Staying Connected While Distancing

Due to calls to reduce social contact to "flatten the curve" the Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub had its first remote meeting via the Zoom platform.  Our scheduled speaker could not attend, so the club used the time for longer introductions to help forge greater personal connection.  The platform was excellent - having the visual of our participants and the audio well controlled and outstanding moderation by our club president, Emily Spott, everyone felt seen and heard.  
We always begin our meetings with a round of introductions.  Usually these are brief, but include a short prompt for a like, a fun fact, or interesting upcoming personal event.  During this meeting we were able to get a little deeper and hear what our members and guests value.  There were commonalities:  Family!  and not surprising when you consider the topical nature of our club: Nature!  There were also differences.  Ironically the sharing of our divergence is what made this meeting feel personal and reinforce connection.  
You may be intrigued by our club because of an interest in stewardship and supporting our collective ecological future - scratch that itch and come to a future meeting!  You'll also meet a great group of people eager to connect and get to know you.