Posted on Aug 03, 2020

EcoFellowship: Paddling the Mississippi

Seriously - can we do this every month?  We met at Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park where some made use of the kayak rentals through Paddleshare and others brought their own craft.  Overcast, yet delightfully warm, it was a perfect day to be on the water.  For the most part the current was lazy with an occasional pocket of small rapids when the river got shallow.  We chatted and paddled and drifted and scanned for wildlife.  Our rewards: cormorants, bald eagles, a few leaping fish, and a river-side wedding.  We also had fun identifying landmarks from this new vantage like various buildings, 694 as we glided beneath and the downtown skyline. The Mississippi is truly a treasure.  
Greg, Kris, Li, Lexa, Kezia, Stuart, Steve, Brennan, Cassie, Liz