Posted on Sep 01, 2020

EcoFellowship: Hike at Westwood Hills Nature Center + Cerveza 

It was so great to actually see people in person!  After months of Zoom meetings being able to look people in the eye and chat casually felt amazing.  We couldn't ask for a better setting for this in person meeting.  Although the newly built nature center closed before our meeting start, you can tell by the facade that it will be a great destination for metro nature lovers.  The trails are impeccably maintained and wind through so many diverse natural spaces it is hard to believe that it butts up to 394.  The Toyota dealership sign peeking above the tree line was our only clue.  
We welcomed a few guests, did some brief intros, and then headed out!  We ran into turkeys and deer and a few other humans.  We also came across a Land and Legacy sign that we heard about in our last meeting with FreshWater.  Prez Bethany said that now that she knows about them, she sees the signs everywhere! 
We closed the evening socializing over cervesas on the outside patio at La Dona.  Not a bad Tuesday evening!
Just us and the turkeys!