Posted on Nov 03, 2020

EcoEducation: Talking About Climate Change

We've had a few past meetings that get at different ways to talk with others about environmental topics.  Example:  We heard from Bethany Esse, Climate Reality Leader, about how to create our own Climate Story.  We heard from UofM Economist, Jay Coggins, about how to use economics as a framework to think about tackling climate change.  In this meeting the EcoClub joined together to view a 2018 Ted Talk by Katherine Hayhoe, encouraging people to discuss climate change by connecting it to shared values. 
She suggests learning about someone and what may be important to them before attempting to discuss climate change and then finding the overlap between them and yourself.  As way of example she used herself - she is a mother and cares about the future of her child, she lives in an area of Texas that deals with water shortages, she is a Christian and believes that God provided us this planet and we have a responsibility to take care of it.
She also suggests abandoning fear mongering and instead creating a vision of a bright future - one with abundant energy and economic stability.  Talk about the strides that have already been made.  Talk about the advances.  And then talk about what to do next.  
Watch the Ted Talk yourself and find the portion where Hayhoe talks about tailoring her points to a Rotary club using the 4 Way Test!