Posted on Sep 21, 2021

EcoEducation: Planting Hope for a Sustainable Future

Trees play a vital role in our communities, reducing energy costs, providing clean water and air, and making our neighborhoods more inviting. However, drought and pests such as the emerald ash borer threaten the health of our urban canopy. Tree Trust is a local non-profit working to grow a thriving urban forest and ensure its benefits are available to all members of our community. 
We heard from Executive Director & CEO Jared Smith and learned about Tree Trust’s mission to transform lives and landscapes and how together we can live out the Rotarian values of service and stewardship in our community.
Tree Trust's vision is simple -- a thriving workforce living on a healthy planet.   
Tree Trust provides career training to help people grow and perform in meaningful careers.  These are family-supporting skilled trade green careers.  Tree Trust plants trees to help maintain a vibrant urban tree canopy.  Inspiring people to plant trees through partnerships and tree sales. 
Why do we care about an urban tree canopy?   Trees are important carbon sinks - absorbing up to 150 KG of CO2 per year.  Trees are amazing filters for urban pollutants such as carbon monoxide.  Trees help regulate water flow helping to reduce flooding and erosion.  Trees shade our buildings and help us conserve energy.  Trees have been shown to support improved mental and physical health by decreasing blood pressure and stress.  
Fall is the best time to plan trees!  Fall is best because heat will not stress the tree and there is usually sufficient moisture in the fall.  Planting in late August through October will usually mean that the tree has sufficient time to establish itself in its new home before it freezes.  Cooler temperatures actually encourage root growth.  So planting in the fall will mean a stronger tree in the long run.