Posted on Jul 20, 2021

EcoEducation: Community Solar - See Solar in a New Light

Our second meeting conducted both in-person and online!  During our club business portion we welcomed another new member!  If you are interested in joining the EcoClub, please join us at a meeting ( Facebook Events page.) and connect with one of our members or complete this inquiry  
We heard from US/Solar about the community solar programs here in Minnesota.  It's a solar program that is potentially available to anyone with an electric bill - even if you are a renter or live in a building that precludes putting panels on your roof.  
US/Solar completes commercial projects such as for local school districts and organizations like the Minnesota Twins.  US/Solar also offers subscriptions to residents to their solar gardens through Xcel Energy.  US/Solar builds, operates, and maintains solar arrays - many times on unproductive farm land.  The electricity produced is connected to the grid and purchased by Xcel Energy.  The proceeds are returned to the residential subscribers.  This is an easily accessible way for anyone to support and benefit from solar generated electricity.  There are no up front costs, but subscriptions are long term.  
We also found out this fun fact -  the solar panels that orient south are fixed.  Panels that are oriented East West are on rotors that let the panels track the path of the sun and have the most efficient capture of rays.