Posted on Mar 06, 2022

EcoEducation: A Land Ethic for our Time

From the Aldo Leopold Foundation Website 
Ethics direct all members of a community to treat one another with respect for the mutual benefit of all. A land ethic expands the definition of “community” to include not only humans, but all of the other parts of the Earth, as well: soils, waters, plants, and animals, or what Leopold called “the land.” ...Leopold wrote that “we can only be ethical in relation to something we can see, understand, feel, love, or otherwise have faith in.”...To [shape a land ethic for the 21st century and beyond], we must engage in thoughtful dialogue with each other, inviting a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. 
EcoClubbers gathered to discuss our thoughts after viewing the documentary GreenFire.  You can watch the 73 minute film here
One observation was how harmonious the idea of the Land Ethic is to the Rotary four way test.  
Rotary four-way test card - Rotary Club Supplies - Russell Hampton Company